Bus Cancellations & School Closures for February 6, 2019

Last Updated: 6:47am

Cancellation & Closure Map

Please note: School board boundaries are a rough estimate. Don’t use this map to determine what school board or weather zone you live in as accuracy isn’t guaranteed.

Green = No Cancellations

Red = Cancellations (Click for More Details)

Purple = School Closures (Click for More Details)

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List of Cancellations & Closures

  • Avon MaitIand & Huron-Perth CathoIic - Due to current and ongoing road conditions, and for the safety of everyone, ALL school buses are cancelled and ALL schools are closed today.

  • BIuewater & Bruce-Grey Catholic - All bus routes in Bruce and Grey counties are cancelled today.

  • Durham - DSTS has cancelled all transportation for today due to inclement weather.

  • Grand Erie & Brant HaIdimand Norfolk Catholic - Due to current and forecasted icy conditions over our whole service area, transportation is cancelled and schools are closed to students for the day. Be safe on the roads if you have to travel at any point today.

  • Greater Essex & Windsor Essex CathoIic - Area A - City of Windsor - All Board Provided Transportation is Cancelled. Area B - County of Essex - All Board Provided Transportation is Cancelled.

  • HaIton - ll Halton District (HDSB) and Halton Catholic District (HCDSB) schools and workplaces are closed and all transportation services are cancelled in Zones 1, 2 and 3.

  • HamiIton Wentworth - All HWDSB schools, administrative buildings and school child care centres are closed today Wednesday, February 6, due to severe weather conditions. All evening events and activities at schools and administrative buildings are also cancelled.

  • Kawartha Pine Ridge & Peterborough Victoria NorthumberIand Clarington Catholic - Due to pending freezing rain and adverse weather conditions during the day, busing and student transportation is cancelled for all of the STSCO jurisdiction today. This includes busing to all schools in Peterborough City and County, Northumberland County, Clarington and Campbellford. Schools will remain open but busing is cancelled for the day.

  • Lambton Kent & St. CIair Catholic - All Buses Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather and Road Conditions.

  • Niagara - Based on the forecast for prolonged freezing rain for the entire day today, and out of an abundance of caution, student transportation is cancelled and schools and administration offices are closed for the District School Board of Niagara and the Niagara Catholic District School Board.


  • Thames Valley & London CathoIic - ALL school transportation is CANCELLED for the ENTIRE DAY due to road conditions. ALL SCHOOLS AND ADMINISTRATION BUILDINGS ARE CLOSED.

  • Toronto - Due to weather-related traffic delays expected throughout the day, all buses are cancelled for today. All schools remain open.

  • Tri-Board - Due to the forecast of ice pellets and freezing drizzle/ freezing rain beginning this morning in the region, busing (EXCEPT NORTH HASTINGS) will NOT be offered today. Schools remain open.

  • Trillium LakeIands - All buses to schools in City of Kawartha Lakes for Trillium Lakelands District School Board have been cancelled for Wednesday February 6, 2019. Schools remain open. Buses to St. Mary's, St. Dominic, St. Luke's and St. John Paul II Elementary schools and St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in City of Kawartha Lakes have been cancelled today.

  • Simcoe County - Busing for the following weather zones are cancelled, schools open: ALL ZONES

  • Upper Grand, Dufferin-PeeI Catholic & Wellington CathoIic - All schools in the UGDSB are closed today due to inclement weather. All buses and taxis to UGDSB schools are cancelled. The board offices are closed. This is a system shut down – staff should not report to work.

  • WaterIoo - Due to current weather conditions ALL SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED and all school buses, taxis and special education routes operated by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board are cancelled. All evening rental permits are cancelled.

  • York - Due to Environment Canada weather advisories, York Public and Catholic school bus and taxi service is cancelled for today, Feb. 6. Schools remain open.