Bus Cancellations & School Closures for April 8, 2019

Last Updated: 6:20am

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Cancellation & Closure Map (English Public and Catholic Schools)

Please note: School board boundaries are a rough estimate. Don’t use this map to determine what school board or weather zone you live in as accuracy isn’t guaranteed.

Green = No Cancellations

Red = Cancellations (Click for More Details)

Purple = School Closures (Click for More Details)

List of Cancellations & Closures

English Public and Catholic Schools

  • Ottawa CarIeton Public & Ottawa Catholic - Due to icy road conditions all school buses & school vans are cancelled for today Monday April 8, 2019. Schools are open, however parents/guardians are responsible for transportation of students attending open schools at the end of the day

  • Renfrew County Public & Renfrew County Catholic - All transportation services are CANCELLED, for Monday April 8, 2019 due to Freezing Rain Warning. All schools are OPEN.

  • Upper Canada Public & Eastern Ontario CathoIic - All transportation is cancelled for the day. A freezing rain warning is in effect for the region, with a few hours of freezing rain forecast for the morning and a high risk of treacherous travel conditions. Schools remain open.

French Schools