Regional Forecaster

  • Position Description: We believe it’s important to have forecasters in every area of the country to give that local connection to the community that a person from the other side of the country can’t provide. We’re looking for a few people from each province to help cover their local area to ensure all important weather stories are covered effectively and accurately as possible.

  • Responsibilities: Regional forecasters are responsible to monitor weather models and relevant information preferably daily and create forecasts when necessary. Forecasts will include our detailed forecast map(s) along with a write up that typically range from 200-600 words in length depending on the situation.

  • What’s Provided: Our forecast maps are made using Adobe Photoshop. If necessary, we will provide access to Photoshop though team members may use their own software as long as it is compatible. Forecasts are published using our own article publishing platform which forecasters are given access to and training on how to use it.

  • Qualifications: Forecasters should be experienced in reading weather models and be able to disseminate them into an easy to understand form. Applicants who have a previous provable track record of forecasting either on social media or other public media are preferred. Forecasters must be able to effectively produce a forecast write up with proper spelling and grammar. Fluency in both French and English is an asset for forecasters interested in producing Quebec forecasts.

  • Hours: We don’t have a set schedule so forecasters are free to create their own hours around their lifestyle. Though we do expect forecasters to keep up with their responsibilities and be reliable. Should a forecaster be absent for a long period of time with no prior explanation we may replace them to ensure critical forecasts are being done in a timely manner.

  • Standards: We pride ourself on keeping forecasts simple and easy to understand along with being viewed as a reliable and accurate weather organization. Forecasters are expected to maintain a level of quality in their content and will be monitored to ensure our community is being provided with forecasts that meet our standards of accuracy and simplicity.

  • Compensation: Forecasters are subcontractors and are required to send an invoice. You will be provided with more details on this upon being accepted into the position. Compensation is based on ad revenue. This encourages forecasters to work hard to create the most informative forecasts possible. The amount of earnings is highly variant though on average good forecasts range from $5 to $20 and possibly more. Sensationalized forecasts are not tolerated and forecasters who try to generate more commission by hyping up forecasts will be replaced.