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  • Our precise custom updates allow us to notify anyone in the path of potentially severe weather including tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, flooding and much more often WELL IN ADVANCE of any dangerous weather

  • Works with ANY cell phone that can receive text messages and only requires a basic cell reception

  • NO internet access or electricity required to instantly receive critical information, as long as your cell phone has power and a basic reception

  • Available across CANADA and coming soon to the UNITED STATES

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$3.39/Month or $40.68/Yearly

I want to give a big Thank you to the OTW crew. I received a text alert around 8am informing me of multiple areas of brantford being evacuated for flooding. Coming Hours before any other alert we received from other services, we were able to make it to my elderly disabled family members BASEMENT APARTMENT and get them to safety in time. Being across the street from the retaining wall that held back the water. We left the driveway as the wave of water rushed over the top of the wall heading into the house. At that moment all I could think was if we were minutes later we may not have been able to get him out. The OTW service saved lives today. My family cannot thank you enough. You do an amazing job especially when it counts most. Thank you very much
— Ryan Davis