Apple (iOS) Testing


Thank you so much for participating in our Apple beta test! We’re very excited to launch our new free app and we look forward to hearing your feedback and working with you to improve the app before it goes live on the app stores!

Topics below:

a) A few things to note
b) Installation instructions
c) How to use the app
d) How to report bugs
e) Group page

a) A few things to note:

1. ‘Report Weather’, ‘Updates’ & ‘About’ features are not completed.

2. Loading the app, weather data, and radar may take longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

3. Notifications will only work when you have internet access. If this is an issue, please consider our Text Message Alerts subscription which is the most reliable alerting option as it will work with even the most basic cell phone reception.

4. More updates are coming between now and the full launch this spring! We’re very careful with our updating process as to not cause more glitches so it may take some time to resolve issues you may have. Thank you in advance for your patience and for making this all possible!

b) Installation instructions:

1. When we add your email to the Apple testing, you should receive an email from “Testflight”. In this email, there will be a redemption code. This code is important so please write it down or have it available during install.

2. Open the “App Store” app on your device.

3. Search for the “Testflight” app and click “Install”.

4. Click “Open” and say “Allow” for notifications. This is important as we’ll notify you when there’s a substantial app update.

5. Click the word “Redeem” at the top right of the Testflight app.

6. Enter in your redemption code that was emailed to you.

7. Click on “Install” beside the Instant Weather app option.

8. Wait for download and click “Open”.

9. Click “Allow” when the app asks to follow your location for the most accurate forecasts and alerts. If this didn’t pop-up, you don’t have location services turned on.

10. Click “Allow” notifications so you can receive notifications for alerts and important forecasts.

How to use the app:

Below, we’ll walk you through the different features step-by-step so you know how to use the app to its fullest potential!

1. Home page:

- The home page is the first thing that opens when you load the app.

- It has your Current Conditions at the top such as ‘Condition’, ‘Temperature’ and ‘feels like’ temperature.

- If you click the three dots (...), it will show you even more information such as humidity, pressure, wind gusts, etc.

2. Locations page:

- The locations page can be access by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the app.

- If you’d like to receive notifications, please click the little slider on your top ‘follow-me’ location.

- To add new locations, click on the search bar at the top.

- Please search postal codes for the best accuracy. We’ll be adding other search options eventually such as lat/long coordinates for those in remote areas.


2. Button bar:

- The button bar has several different products and we’ll list their features and benefits below.

a) 390 Minute:

- Most accurate short range forecast for the next 6.5 hours.

- Forecast updates every 15 minutes so check back often for the latest data as it can change rapidly. You can also ‘pull-to-refresh’ to update the app as often as you’d like.

- Precipitation animation so you can quickly recognize if there’s going to be rain, snow or mixing and how heavy it will be.

- Swipe right/left to move through the data or alternatively, click the > and < arrows to move page by page.

b) 240 Hours:

- Detailed hourly data for the next 10 days.

- Swipe left or right to move through the hours.

- Click on the circle dates to quickly switch between days.

c) 15 Days:

- Daily forecasts for the next 15 days.

- Click on any blue bar to expand for detailed day/night forecasts and sunrise/sunset times.

- Click on “more days” at the bottom to load day 11-15.

d) Report Weather:

- This feature isn’t completed yet but we’re working on it!

- It will include the ability to easily and quickly report the weather you’re experiencing such as rain, snow, funnel clouds, etc.

e) Live Radar:

- Radar map with animated past and future radar.

- Click the ( > ) button at the bottom left to begin the animation.

- First two frames of the animation are past radar.

- Third frame of the animation is the current radar and this is also the frame that the radar initially opens with.

- Frame four and so on is future radar for the next 4.5 hours.

- Our future radar uses an incredibly powerful model that updates every 15 minutes at high-resolution, runs on a supercomputer, works across the entire world, and ultimately, allows you to know with fairly high accuracy what weather could be coming your way and when it will likely be gone.